Kitchen Notes: January

Kitchen Notes: January

Buon giorno

People often ask me why I chose to become a chef. When I left school (many years ago now!) I could have done a number of things. I had family doing lots of different jobs who I could have gone to work with, and they would have been good jobs, but I did not see love in them for their jobs. With food, I always saw love. I saw my grandmother preparing food in her home with passion, and I saw my mother and father cooking together, loving their food and each other. For me, food is all about love and preparing a Valentine’s Day meal is a highlight of the year.

This year, I am proud to bring a seven-course menu to Evoluzione, where each dish has been specially selected because it brings ingredients together, some of which are always found together and some of which you find unusual. Anything, with enough care, can be paired beautifully. I have always felt this way about food and I believe the same to be true of people too. I do not get to meet all of the people who eat my food – I wish I could – but for me preparing their Valentine’s Day meal is such an honour

For me, the main course should be the pièce de resistance, which is why I pour my passion into my seabass and prawn roulade. Made with sesame and Jerusalem artichoke, it brings together many different flavours and sensations in each mouthful, well balanced without being overpowering. The flavours work together, creating one single taste that is beautiful. I truly believe that food tells a story, and for a Valentine’s Day meal, what better story can I tell than that of people working together and being united?

My team and I at Evoluzione hope to have the honour of preparing your Valentine’s Day meal for you and your special someone. 

You can book your reservations for Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February on our website now.

I hope to see you in Evoluzione soon and make Valentine’s Day 2020 the most memorable yet!

Buon apetito

valentine's day meal

Andrea Angeletti
Head Chef, Evoluzione

valentine's day meal

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