Choose Carefully This Christmas

Great South Kensington restaurants can be hard to come by. From flagship chain stores to quaint independents, the level of choice can swallow you up, and you’re sometimes left feeling as if there’s something more you could have. The competition for your custom is perhaps greater here than anywhere else in the country, and some restaurants spend so much time getting you in the door that they don’t know what to do with you when you’re sat down. Never at Evoluzione, though.

south kensington restaurants

Standing proud by Hotel Xenia, on Cromwell Road, we know that we are amongst the best South Kensington restaurants, from our Head Chef to our expert bar and hospitality staff. We know that our quality, nothing more and nothing less, brings customers through the door, so we can focus on what’s really important – serving perfect Italian food to people in Evoluzione every time.

south kensington restaurants

In our menus, you’ll find the perfect blend of iconic Italian – such as double raviolo with pesto, ricotta, squid, tomato and basil – and experimental showstoppers, such as a chicken supreme, with parsley and anchovy sauce. The variety that you can find at Evoluzione means it simply has to be considered as one of the best south Kensington restaurants, whatever you are looking for.

Our menu is unmistakably Italian, but the influences from Head Chef ‘s own travels are strong, particularly through Asia. This fusion is apparent in dishes like the wrapped monkfish, which brings pancetta and white fish onto the same plate as mushrooms and soy sauce. How many south Kensington restaurants can boast such an array of dishes from such a well-travelled chef?

Evoluzione truly is one of the great south Kensington restaurants – that’s why we were recognised as the Best Contemporary Restaurant by the Luxury Travel Guide in November 2018. So don’t leave your next foray into Kensington to chance; book your table at Evoluzione now.