Kitchen Notes: February

Kitchen Notes: February

Buon giorno
I have been privileged to work in many countries, in many different places, in many different restaurants. I have served banquets for the highest classes in India, I have travelled across China and Europe, sampling and trying food that exists only in the most remote communities, in the smallest families. I have been lucky enough to work and eat in many restaurants, and for me, the most important thing for a restaurant to be is a romantic restaurant.

Think of all the moments that we have with our partners, all of the celebrations – they are all celebrated with meals. First dates, anniversaries, engagements, weddings – with the rising emotion comes more and more lavish food, more extravagant meals, longer guest lists. A romantic restaurant means that all of these moments can be hosted in a fitting place, with the joy of the occasion not overshadowed or undermined by any atmosphere in the restaurant which does not match the celebration.

romantic restaurant

What goes into making a romantic restaurant? Firstly, the style of the restaurant; relaxing chairs and an intimate setting, a restaurant that is busy and yet you still feel private, with many different areas that you can eat in – whether you prefer basking in the moonlight in the Conservatory or cosying up in the Lounge, Evoluzione fits the bill.

Secondly, the food must be prepared with the same love and passion that the guests feel for each other, to make a truly romantic restaurant. Crafted with love, passion and skill, one dish that communicates this perfectly is my tortellini, where the power of the flavours is matched by the delicate nature of its construction. You can try this dish on San Valentine, the most romantic of all the dinner dates. The intricacy of the dish is the reason that I will be serving it, as part of a seven-course fine dining experience, and you really have to try it to understand.

Book your next romantic dinner date at Evoluzione, Kensington’s most romantic restaurant – and if that’s Valentine’s Day 2020, why not treat your other half to seven courses of fine dining? My award-winning kitchen team means that you can trust us to deliver the perfect experience.

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