Kitchen Notes: December

Kitchen Notes: December

Every day, people need to eat. When people are celebrating at times like Christmas, the importance of food and family is heightened – to have an experience befitting of the celebration. This is why I always prefer to work in restaurants open on Christmas day, just like Evoluzione – so that I can make your celebration the best that it can be.

Just like a singer who wants to give their best performance for the crowd, I take joy in people enjoying my food and my food making them happy with their friends and families. Christmas is maybe the biggest family celebration of them all and so I love to make my food for people in restaurants open on Christmas day; so that your best days can have the best food to go with them.

restaurants open on Christmas day

On my winter menu this year, I am particularly excited about my roasted duck breast, with a burnt onion crust and a forest berry sauce. When I think of Christmas, I want to make rich flavours, aromatic dishes that can treat all of your senses; food which is served steaming hot to warm both the bodies and the soul of diners that have come in from the cold.

My food is not meant to be easy, and my food is not meant to be normal. I want to change people’s perceptions, and that I why I use burnt onion for the crust on this dish. Many people think that the burnt onion is not useful, is for throwing away – but it doesn’t have to be. It has a deep, rich flavour that I can extract, and use, and so I can change how people think and feel about this ingredient. On my menus, you might see things that surprise you – that is where the real joy is.

So that you can find this joy all year round – and particularly on special days – I want to work in restaurants open on Christmas day. Just like Evoluzione is. So come in this winter for my duck and burnt onion crust, and come in on Christmas day for a full Christmas dinner with my Italian twists.

Buon appetito

Andrea Angeletti,
Head Chef, Evoluzione.

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