New Year’s Eve at Evoluzione

It’s always worth saving the best till last, which is why it’s so important to find the perfect New Year’s Eve restaurants. The final send-off for the year is a time to both look back at the year that you’ve had and to welcome the new, embracing new ideas and looking for new adventures.

Whether 2019 has been one to remember or one to forget, there’s something to celebrate about its conclusion. Finding the perfect New Year’s Eve restaurants can be the difference between a story you tell for years to come; or a footnote at the end of this year’s story.

new years eve restaurants

When you’re searching for the perfect New Year’s Eve restaurants, it’s important to think about what separates New Year’s Eve from other nights in the year.

What’s the best way to celebrate?

What’s better than a show-stopping meal, with all the trimmings and world-class service, prepared by a former Michelin starred chef? At Evoluzione, our waiting staff can pair your exquisite dishes with the perfect drink from our extensive winery, which enhance your experience of the food, culminating in the most wonderful way to round off the year. Choose dishes with influences from all around the world, with nods to Andrea’s Italian heritage and his vision of the future; just as a New Year celebrates both that which has come before and that which is still to come.
Beyond your meal, the Living Wall Bar serves a variety of European beers and a wide range of spirits and cocktails, as well as a huge variety of soft drinks and mocktails, so however you prefer to celebrate, there’s something for you at Evoluzione.

Does the restaurant fit my ideal celebration?

At Evoluzione, you can choose how you want to spend your New Year’s Eve – take in the atmosphere of a city in celebration by dining in our Conservatory, or choose the cosy, intimate style of our Lounge. However you prefer to celebrate, Evoluzione presents the perfect mix of world-class food, drink and atmosphere.

Your search for the ideal New Year’s Eve restaurants has come to an end. Evoluzione is the setting for your next great memory, seeing out the year in style, where we will be serving the winter a la carte menu and offering seasonal specials. Book now by filling out the form below, by emailing or by calling 0207 442 4242.