Kitchen Notes: November

Kitchen Notes: November

Buon Giorno

Christmas in London is one of my favourite times of the year. I have been lucky enough to travel the world in my career and one thing that I have noticed is that when the snow falls, it is hard to tell which city I am in. It cloaks the city, whether I was in China, London, or back at home in Jesi, Italy.

Because my family live all across Europe, Christmas is a time when we all come together. A time when we eat the same meals and are in the same place, and share stories of our lives and our jobs. For me, family and celebration are all about food, and that is the same for Christmas. This year, I will celebrate Christmas in London with them; my favourite people in my favourite city.

This year, I am proud to bring part of that same meal to you, it is my Grilled Octopus on Crystal Bread. When I am far from my relatives, I find a family in London – I hope that you will feel it too when I share my food with you.

christmas in london

Food for me is not only something that we eat, but it is also something that we do, and we should be able to talk about it. From my starters to my desserts, I want people to talk about my food from the moment that they see it, not just the moment that they taste it. They should not have to wait to enjoy my food – it should be instant. That’s why I created my Grilled Octopus on Crystal Bread; it is a sight as well as a taste.

Will you be spending Christmas in London? I hope that you will choose to spend some of it with me, at Evoluzione. I am lucky to be able to cook all day, and if I am cooking for my family or my customers I put the same techniques, and the same passion, into every plate. I know that here, you can see a photo of my dish, but to see it with your own eyes is I think not replaceable by photographs – and of course, you cannot taste through a screen. So come and celebrate Christmas in London with me, at Evoluzione.

Buon Appetito

Andrea Angeletti, Head Chef

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