The Jewel in Kensington’s Crown

Situated in the heart of London’s most illustrious borough, Evoluzione is one of the best restaurants in Kensington.

Bringing a flavour of Italy to the streets of London, it’s no wonder that any self-respecting list of the best restaurants in Kensington includes Evoluzione. The primary reason for this is head chef Andrea Angeletti, whose worldwide travels and fond memories of his Italian childhood are fused in his menu at Evoluzione. Each dish tells a chapter of his story and these authentic, home truths are the foundation of the exquisite Evoluzione experience.

Ingredients are imported directly from Italy and selected by Andrea himself. Having held a Michelin Star in Italy, you can rest assured that ingredients used only at his discretion make for a dining experience like no other. He carefully crafts each dish as if it were to be served to the Azzurri themselves, and pours a lifetime’s worth of skill but centuries worth of heritage into Italian classics. In true Italian fashion, you can enjoy them al fresco on the Evoluzione Terrace, or in our spacious Conservatory or Lounge.

best restaurants in kensington

Whilst the influence of his own travels is apparent across many dishes – none more so than his mixing of beef steak tartare with Jerusalem artichoke jelly and Szechuan peppercorn cream – it is Andrea’s command of the classic Italian staples, twisted in his own superlative way that means that Evoluzione is rightly heralded as one of the best restaurants in Kensington. One such example is his Pasta e Fagioli; in a run-of-the-mill restaurant, such a staple would be unremarkable. In Evoluzione, quite the opposite is true.

We have an extensive wine list which has been designed to complement Andrea’s abilities. Whether it’s a bottle you had in Tuscany of which you can’t quite recall the name, or your absolute favourite, ordered with every dinner out, our staff will be on hand to advise based on your selection of food for the evening. It’s just one of the reasons that the Luxury Travel Guide named us the Best Contemporary Restaurant of the Year in 2018.

If you’d rather go beyond wine, we have talented bar staff and an exquisite cocktail menu, bringing a fruity flavour to your meals and evenings. Perfectly balanced and impeccably presented, Evoluzione provides a feast for the eyes as well as the stomachs. You’re guaranteed to find something you fall in love with at Evoluzione – and we’d bank on there being far more than just one. That’s why we’re considered one of the best restaurants in Kensington.

For large parties, we have private dining spaces available and provide catering of the highest order, and you and your nearest & dearest could even hire out our private rooftop, with stunning views of London in every direction. Reserve online or via telephone.

best restaurants in kensington