Royal Albert Hall

For aspiring musicians, performing in London is often the pinnacle of any career. For music fans, there is no street crossing more famous than the one at Abbey Road, no number 23 more important than that of Heddon Street, no power station more crucial than Battersea. The streets of London hum with music, both that which they have inspired in the past and that which echos across them in the present. Get lost in London’s music today.

Royal Albert Hall

Home to the BBC’s Promenade Concerts (the Proms) every summer, The Royal Albert Hall built in 1871 following the success of the Great Exhibition organised by Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband) is the iconic large domed, red-brick amphitheatre, between Kensington and Westminster. As Britain’s most famous and arguable stunning concert venues, we recommend checking out what’s on before you arrive into London as a night spent at the Royal Albert Hall is always sure to be a memorable one.